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The Evening Ritual Oil

Invest in the health of your skin. Marula oil + retinoid + ceramides - the ultimate multitasker.

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Wellness. Microdosed.

Simple, effective, research-backed steps to elevate your journey toward balance.

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Create an End of Day Ritual

Life is chaotic. More than a third of Americans do not get enough sleep. Creating a wellness-focused evening routine can improve sleep quality while reducing anxiety. Invest just 20 minutes nightly to implement a simple end of day ritual that accomplishes the following:

  • Promotes self-reflection and mindfulness
  • Encourages relaxation and restorative sleep
  • Nourishes your skin, so you wake up looking (and feeling) your best

  • See our plan for a simple and effective nightly self-care routine.

    The journey toward balance

    How our journey began

    We understand the heavy toll that a lack of balance and self-care can take. Prior to founding Grüner, we were burnt out, having spent years working in demanding industries, constantly busy, and frequently away from home. We loved going to spas while on vacation, but our day to day life was anything but restorative.

    We didn't feel like the wellness industry was made for us. We didn't want to become gurus, we wanted simple solutions that would fit into our busy lives -- backed by science, and without all the nonsense. Beyond that, we wanted to feel sophisticated and put together. That's why we built Grüner.

    Our thesis is simple:

  • Wellness should be approached like an investment -- research & learning are key to success. We create executive summaries of the scientific data, and only suggest practices that we personally use and have found effective, to help you invest wisely.

  • Microdoses -- small, simple applications of wellness that fit into your existing routines -- are the most effective way to invest in your wellbeing. Our RitualBuilder tool creates a personalized action plan based on your unique wellness needs.

  • Wellness can be both scientific and luxurious. Our approach to wellness is holistic. We want to help you achieve not just balance and long term wellbeing, but also sophistication and refinement.

    How to get started:

    1. Acknowledge the chaos in your life and commit to investing in wellness
    2. Seek clarity by taking our free RitualBuilder quiz and getting a personalized action plan
    3. Apply microdoses of wellness in your life
    4. Enjoy a more balanced and sophisticated life.

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    Our RitualBuilder takes details about you and your unique needs, and provides a free personalized action plan of wellness microdoses: small, easy, impactful additions to your daily routines that promote balance and self-actualization.

    Give us 5 minutes and we’ll give you a personalized action plan for wellness!

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