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Our Values

Grüner isn’t just our name, it’s part of our philosophy. We have seen a lot of greenwashing in the skincare and wellness community in the last few years. You can put the word “natural” on just about anything. No company -- including us -- will ever be perfect, but here are a few ways that we are trying to do the right thing: 

Vegan + no animal testing: All of our products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. While some medical professionals and scientists believe that animal testing is still the most viable way to test new drugs, we do not believe that skincare needs to be tested on animals living in captivity.

Sustainably packaged + company practices: Coming from a sustainable mindset, we start with the least amount of packaging in which we can safely deliver our products and work from there. Our boxes and packing materials are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper. 

Carbon offset where environmental impact is inevitableIn partnership with Pachama, we fully offset the emissions impact of our shipping and logistics.

Progressive + malleable: We are committed to a green future. That means being aware and prepared to change as technology, science and ethical practices progress. If you have any further questions (or suggestions) we are all ears!


We are committed to ethical and transparent practices in all avenues of our business.

We work hard to protect the environment, but sometimes it doesn’t return the favor. Protect your skin from the elements with Grüner's Evening Ritual Oil.

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